#SaveSattal Update

Dear all,

In our efforts to save Sattal this is where we stand currently.

Actions we have taken:

1. Filed RTI’s to obtain information from the concerned departments regarding the planned activity.

2. Started a petition on change.org to gather signatures to support our cause.

3. Setup a website for #savesattal, all information regarding the campaign will be updated here: savesattal.thereisnoearthb.com

4. We have a signed appeal from over 500 locals, whose families would be affected by such development, asking for a conservation reserve.

5. We have sent a Letter to the DFO (Divisional Forest Officer), requesting the status of a conservation reserve. Here is a PDF copy of the letter, with annex. This document is a comprehensive document which includes letters of support from ecologists, information regarding the flora and fauna of Sattal, RTI’s sent so far and our appeal.

Things we are working on currently:

1. Preparing a proposal, requesting for the status of a ‘conservation reserve’ to be presented to the PCCF (Principal Chief Conservator). Awaiting the responses on the RTI’s to be able to do this.

2. We are in the process of compiling a PIL, which we intend on filing as soon as possible.

We are ever so grateful for the support that has been received from innumerable quarters and deeply humbled by the concern shown by so many well wishers and supporters of Sattal.

We intend to work with the government authorities to take this forward to its correct conclusion, a conclusion where the forests and people of Sattal area can coexist in harmony.

Team #SaveSattal